Get out of Your Own Way

Thursday thoughts. My Thursday has been full of thought. Mostly just thoughts on life and goals. I found this little quote on Pinterest that said “Get out of your own way” and it smacked me right in the face. Imagine for a moment if you just got out of your…

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How to start a fashion or lifestyle blog

This post is post 2 of my Blogging 101 series. So far I’ve covered the basics of how to get started including what you should know before you start your blog. Blogging is complex and I’m going to do my best to give you my tips to get your blog…

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Enough Said

Ah the power of words. We can say too little or we can say too much. How many times have you stopped and thought about things you’ve said? I do it all the time. I say something, then I think – Whoa, did that come out right? Or, I think about something I could have said. I analyze a moment and question if enough was said. There are probably a million times I could have said less or I could have said more. I guess I’ll never know. This is an unsolved mystery of life I suppose.

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The Basics


Ongoing Favorites

I have another sweater dress that has made my pear-shaped body happy. Where from? You guessed it – Shop Tobi. This makes two sweater dresses that compliment my shape (c/o of Shop Tobi), and I am thrilled about that. It is so easy to just put a sweater dress and…

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Out with the Old

These photos are from months ago and I realized I never posted them. I still like this outfit though! I have been crazy busy! We shot this look at the very end of Fall when it was still warm out. Life gets busy and before you know it months have gone by. It seems like just two weeks ago it was hot outside and I was complaining about it.

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Dresses I Love


The Curated Life

  Do you ever feel like everything you see online is curated? I do. I feel as though every single Instagram account, website, product, brand, etc is curated. Not just curated, overly curated. It is as though we are all living in a snow globe where everything is perfect. Simply…

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Sweater Weather

Sweater weather is amazing. That warm snuggly feeling of a great sweater. Ahhh, can’t beat it. I love a great sweater but I don’t typically like sweater dresses. I’ve always felt like my pear-shaped frame couldn’t pull the look off. What a silly assumption. I don’t want those thoughts in…

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