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Counting Down 2015


I’m getting rich quick tonight and counting my blessings. I decided that in order to end the 2015 year properly I needed to talk about some of the people and things I’m thankful for. At first, I wanted to countdown but then I felt guilty because I’m thankful for all these things equally. The list is small but it packs a powerful punch.

My Family – I’m fortunate to have a small but close family who are there when I need them.

My oldest Brother – He has become one of my most favorite humans in the world. My big bro (or dummy as I like to call him) is the most perfect mix of kind and grumpy in the world. I’m honored to call him Bro.

My Daughter – She is the most unique, creative, strong, and funny person I know. Her heart is tender and she radiates happiness every day. I look at her and I’m reminded to slow down and enjoy the world around me.

My Husband – It may sound mushy but he completes me in every area. There is no other adult that I would rather hangout with. He is funny, smart, talented, driven, handsome, and thoughtful. He has truly taken my broken heart and helped to sew it back together. He’s the only person I have ever met that doesn’t judge my flaws. He loves all the areas of me that I don’t. He won’t be reading this so you know this came from my heart.

My Friends – I’m a woman that has an epic friend circle of longtime friends. I have my best friend that I am closer to since moving 350 miles away from her. I have friends that are like family and who I know love me.

My Work – I’m fortunate to have a career I love and be surrounded by people who I can call both coworkers and friends. We are a close group who are goal driven. I can’t begin to explain how awesome that is. I’m excited to ring in the New Year! I’m a blessed woman.


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