35 Years to Celebrate

I turned 35 this year and I’ll be honest, I feel sort of like – oh well.  Then, on the other hand, I’m like – wow, I’m 35! A milestone in life, I’m 35. I’ve lived 35 years and I’m at the peak of life. It just feels weird in my mind to think I’m 35. Time goes by so quickly! Of all the years of my life, I’ve enjoyed my 30’s the most. Last year, when I turned 34 (basic math right?), I posted about how I felt more womanly than I’ve ever felt before. While I still feel very womanly, confident, and happy, I have new emotions this year. My emotions are more heartfelt and warm. My thoughts have centered around a few basic questions:

Thoughts on 35

  • Where is my life going?

This is a good question, where is my life going? I don’t know but I’m happy with where it is heading. My social marketing company is growing nicely and I love my work. Wait, is work all there really is? No, absolutely not. I’m learning I need to balance career, goals, family, friends, and faith a bit better.

At 35 I’m learning how wonderful and precious family and friends are. I’m getting softer and my heart is tender. I want to always stay tenderhearted. If there is one thing I can say about myself it is I’m very tender and soft. I may act tough, but my heart is soft. As I grow older, I don’t want to grow colder. Instead, I want to grow kinder and gentler in my ways.

  • What does my life stand for?

Real talk here, what does my life stand for? What is my life really about? Am I making a difference? Am I sending a positive message? Am I placing my focus outside of myself? At 35 I’m learning it’s time for a self-check. I want my life to stand for good and for helping others. I posted a few weeks back about taking in and putting out good vibes (post here). I’m sticking to that train of thought and putting more focus into spreading good vibes only.

  • What kind of person have I become? & What kind of person do I want to be?

At 35 I’m realizing the type of person I am, have become, and want to be. Have I let life and life troubles shape me? How have I let life and other people shape me? What kind of person do I want to be? What kind of person have I let myself become over the years? Like I said I want to be tenderhearted. I want to be kind. I want to spread positive energy.

I want to pray for others more and I  want to think of others more. I want to worry less about things I can’t change and place more trust in my faith in God. I’ve been praying more lately on trusting God when I’m scared. That is the kind of person I want to be, I want to be a woman who loves, prays, and is kind. As life adds numbers to my years, I want to trust God, Leave a message of my faith to the world, and remain tenderhearted.

Basically folks, I just want to be a boss lady who still cries at sad movies and will pray with you when you’re scared and will pray for myself when I’m afraid. I want to sit back and talk about old times, laugh hard, loud, and until I cry. I want to be the kind of person God wants me to be. I want to sit around the table and laugh with my family and friends. When I go to bed at night, before I close my eyes, I’m whispering to God – Thank you.

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Wahoo! Celebrate girl, you deserve it.

Laura Albouy

Happy Birthday! I just turned 33 and just like you I am enjoying my 30’s way more than my 20’s. I feel more “complete”.

Helena Marz

Happy 35th Birthday! You look fabulous and love your dress❤️


Happy 35th!!! You look so incredibly beautiful and fantastic! Wishing you the best in continuing to find yourself, and evolving into the boss lady that you are!

xo- M


This is so beautiful the way you can look at your life with so much love and positivity. Happy Birthday girl!!


Happy Birthday! The 30s are such an incredible time for reflection. I recently hit my 40s and love it so far, but the 30s were so great for me in terms of finding out who I was. I hope it’s your best year ever!


Happy Birthday babe!! I hope you had an amazing day!!


HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Hope it was as fabulous as you!


Happy birthday! LOVe your dress!

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