21 Apr 2017

How to Start a WordPress.org Blog

A pretty frequent conversation I have is about why I blog and how to start a blog. Whenever I talk to another woman about blogging I encourage them to blog! Blogging is an excellent way to connect with other creatives and express yourself. Everyone I talk with is always nervous about how to setup their blog. No need to be nervous! Setting up a blog isn’t really that hard at all. I’ve put together a quick and easy FAQ to get your WordPress.org blog setup! If you have questions, please email me. I’d love to help!

Should I use WordPress of Blogger?

I recommend starting your blog from day 1 on WordPress.org. When I first started blogging I briefly used Blogger. I quickly realized I was limited in what I could do with my blog design. I didn’t have the design options I wanted and I realized I couldn’t grow my blog like I wanted.  Also, you own the content of your WordPress.org site and you don’t with a site like Blogger. In summary, if you’re serious about blogging, want to have room to grow your design without restriction, and don’t mind investing some cash – choose WordPress.org.

What Hosting Provider Should I use?

I always recommend SiteGround for hosting because I have zero complaints about this company. SiteGround has excellent customer service support. By excellent, I mean I’ve contacted them at 2a when I crashed my blog and lost all my content. The awesome part – they fixed it.

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How Do I Get Started with Hosting?

Easy! I’ve got three screenshots below that will walk you through the process. For my blog, I chose the Startup Package to start with. About a year into blogging I upgraded to the GoGeek package. I probably could have selected the GrowBig package but I didn’t want to upgrade again so I went big.

Next, you’ll choose your domain name. This is tough! Take your time and really think about what you want to name your blog. Most bloggers chose a catchy name. I chose The Every Day Mix because I knew my blog would be just that – An Every Day Mix of topics. I’ve seen many bloggers use their names and though I think that is cool, my name just didn’t make the domain cut.

I paid for the entire year. Yes, it’s going to cost you money but it is worth it. Trying to take the free route in blogging is fine in some areas but for building your site, I suggest investing some cash. I like to save some cash as much as the next person, but I also know I need to invest some time and money into my blog goals.

Not that hard huh!?! Next, you’ll need to setup WordPress.org on your domain. I used the SiteGround Install Wizard to setup WordPress for me. It was quick and simple. Also, if you get stuck, SiteGround is there to help with live tech support. I’ve talked to tech support several times and each time they helped me fix the issue super quick.

What WordPress Theme Should I Select?

That is a whole other post but I’ll give you some tips to get started! I know I said you need to invest some time and cash into your blog goals but you don’t need to go all crazy on blog design. There are plenty of nice premade themes for reasonable prices. I’ve listed some of my favorites below!

Pipdig – Clean, functional, well-thought-out designs that are perfect for long-term design and blog goals. These themes have amazing options build in that you may not even know you want at first but will find you want later on.

Georgia Luo Studios – These are great, simple, themes that get the job done for a very reasonable price. You may need to add a few plugins as you grow. My favorite part about these themes is they are simple to install and customize.

Lindsey from White Oak Creative – If you want custom options then consider hiring a designer. Lindsey is very knowledgeable and her blog is filled with resources. 

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