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Welcome to my blog, The Every Day Mix

I’m Regina Helton, and this blog is where Life meets Style. My blog is based on a love of mixing practical, luxury, and vintage pieces. I label my blog a Life & Style blog because I’m sharing much more than just my lifestyle. I have a deep desire to share my personal style, faith, and life experiences with hope someone will find something which inspires them. My desire is to change the world of blogging with one real post at a time. What do I mean by real posts? Content readers can relate with, quality and real products, opinions, and transparency in each post. I’m a former boutique owner and I have a love for the business side of style and fashion. I’ve spent the past several years involved in the areas of fashion, style, small business marketing, and pre-loved resale, including vintage and luxury items. On top of blogging, I currently own a boutique style Social Media Marketing company (more on that here).

My experience and passions are pre-loved practical, vintage, and luxury resale. I love good deals, occasional splurges, and vintage style. My personal style is a mix of practical, luxury, and vintage pieces. I feel fashion and style are much more than a brand. Style is an expression of our inspirations, love, personality, and mood. Personal style is just as unique as you are!

I’m a firm believer in quality over quantity. I look for pieces that reflect quality and are worth purchasing. Quality isn’t defined by a brand, label, or price point. Quality is found in the details of product. The fit, fabric, texture, stitching, and the time spent by someone who cared to design it. I really hope you find something you love here.

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