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Ain’t Nothing Like the Real Thing Baby


This might be a rough topic and I don’t want to start a firestorm (or blogstorm) but I feel this is a topic I want to talk about with my blog friends. Photoshop. Yup, I said it. I’m not against Photoshop but I’m pro reality. Now, hopefully, I can express my views in a way that make sense. First, when I say Photoshop I’m including filters and other tools that are used to edit photos.

I like to see real women in real outfits. On the other hand, I like to view Pinterest for hours and hours and stare at rompers even though I know I can’t wear them. Life is a balance of real and not real I guess. I don’t expect everyone to not use Photoshop. I think Photoshop has its place but personally I would like to see more realness in the fashion world. My personal desire is to show real style and photos that are visually appealing while maintaining my real identity. Real identity means my body and all its curves.

I use very limited Photoshop, filters, touchups, etc. on the blog. I do use Photoshop and other tools to remove minor imperfections from my photos. Example: a giant piece of bubble gum on the ground next to me, the mold on the wall I almost let me hair touch, or those annoying little strings that are meant to keep your shirt on the hangers (both a blessing and a curse). I don’t use Photoshop to alter my body or my shape. I’m a proud pear. I’m somewhat smaller on top and I have a curvy bottom. No denying, these hips don’t lie.

I don’t edit my facial features or body in any way because I want to look like me both online and off. I also want my readers to be able to decide if they truly like the style or not. I’m not trying to sound mean in any way at all! I’m explaining where I stand with my photography and my blog. I like the real thing and I want to maintain that. Now, Instagram is a different story. I enjoy some filters, I express my creativity, and have fun with my photography. I’m trying to keep in real, have fun, and be honest folks.

Let me know your thoughts! I would love to hear!


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