29 Nov 2017

Blogging 101 Starts Now

How to be a better blogger

I have so many topics to cover about better blogging, so so many. I’ve been working to increase my posts about blogging tips but as any blogger knows, the topic struggle is real. Blogging, when treated like a job (post here), requires a schedule. So moving forward, I’m going to schedule my blogging tips into a one-time slot and stick to it. You can expect one post a week related to the topic of blogging. The posts will be tips, motivation, tools I use, growth strategy, etc. I have tons of complex topics I want to talk about but before we can get to those we need to cover a few basics. So, Blogging 101 starts now folks.

If you’re itching for some blogging posts you can check out some of my past posts below:

I’m a Blogger

It’s no secret I had a blog meltdown. If it’s new news to you hope over and read this post. Well, I’m back and ready to tackle the blog world for another round. Why? Because I’m creative like that. You can’t just go around quitting everything you get tired of. I mean, yeah, I could quit blogging but deep down I like expressing myself. What about all of the emotions, life thoughts, and personal things…


Blogging Needs a Hero

Blogging, what has it become? For me, I feel as though blogging has become a place of scam tactics. The grind is get more followers, land more brands, get more people to signup, make that money, etc. etc. The end result has become one shady sales tactic after another. Bloggers have lost personal connections or never had them to begin with. Their followers are another number, another view, another screenshot for LiketoKnowIt or link to…


Back to the start

I think blogging is still misunderstood by most people. I think people are sort of stumped by what bloggers do. Even though it seems like everyone is a blogger there is still a certain mystery about it. Blog world is a weird place. It has cliques and you can either be in them, out of them, or no one knows you exist to even be in a clique. I think I fall somewhere in-between all…

This post is part 1 of Blogging 101. I'm sharing some tips on What to Know Before You Start a Blog. These tips are based on my blogging experiences

What to Know Before You Start a Blog

This post is part 1 of my Blogging 101 series. For this post, I’m sharing some tips on What to Know Before You Start a Blog. These are the key areas you need to consider before you start blogging. These tips are based on my blogging experiences. *disclaimer: I’m not the worlds greatest blogger*.


First things first, let’s clear the air. I’m not the world’s greatest blogger, obviously. My blog isn’t super duper popular and I’m not an internet sensation. At least not today, check back tomorrow because well shoot you just never know what kind of fame can hit overnight people. For now, I’m just a blogger who happens to work in the area of social media marketing for small business. Many of the practices I use for small business relate right back to blogging on some level of another. I don’t really believe in overnight growth either, I think blogging requires dedication, strategy, and patience to achieve growth. There are tools, tips, and tricks that can be used to get you on the path to successful growth and that is what I plan to talk to you about each week.

Here is a sneak peek into what topics I’ll be covering. I’m starting from the ground up with “how to start a blog” and ending up deep in SEO. Hang tight!

Upcoming Posts

  • What to know before you start a blog
  • How to start a blog off the right way
  • How to start a fashion or lifestyle blog
  • Finding your niche
  • Choosing a great theme (not just any old theme)
  • Building your Editorial Calendar
  • Content Creation
  • Image Optimization
  • Authentic Social Media Engagement and Why it Matters
  • SEO and Why you need to care about it

You would be surprised how many beautiful blogs are an SEO mess. My goal is to outline the steps so anyone can start a blog off like a boss. For those of you who are already bloggers, I’m going to help you clean your blog up or put you on the right track to having a professional fix it for you. If you want to know more about my company click here and if you want to know more about me click here.

This should be fun and of course if you have questions feel free to email me. Regina@theeverydaymix.com.

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  1. Deb Savage wrote:

    This is some great advice even for bloggers that are seasoned. We need to take a step back and evaluate every once in a while.

    Posted on 12.1.17 · Reply to comment
  2. 50shadesofsahara wrote:

    Oh I can’t wait to read these future posts! Definitely need some SEO tricks and like most every blogger wants, a slot on the front page of google for keyword searches hahaha!

    Posted on 12.2.17 · Reply to comment
  3. I definitely could use some help clean my blog and improve my SEO! Thank you for all these helpful posts!

    Posted on 12.2.17 · Reply to comment
  4. Waves of M wrote:

    As a new blogger, definitely could use al the extra help i can get. Look forward to reading your future tips!

    Posted on 12.2.17 · Reply to comment
  5. Olivia wrote:

    I LOVE blogging tips and tricks to learn everything I can. I’m looking forward to all of these topics!

    Posted on 12.8.17 · Reply to comment

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