03 Dec 2017

Why You Need to do a Boudoir Photoshoot

This is my second Boudoir Photoshoot and I’m officially obsessed with the experience. I posted last year about my first Boudoir photoshoot (post here) and what the experience was like. Well, people, I’m back with an updated post about the experience.

Last year I introduced you to the amazing Misfit 29 Studios. I discovered Misfit 29 studios on Instagram and like I said, it was love at first sight! They produce the most amazing, bold, and sexy boudoir photos I’ve ever seen. Just like last time, I included limited photos from my shoot due to privacy. The photos are amazing and glam!

Like I said before, I’ve had this feeling that I wanted to do something bold. This year, I felt the same way. The last experience was so awesome, and I knew I wanted to do a second shoot. I turned 35 this year and I felt like it was a milestone and I wanted to celebrate with some sexy photos.

As women, I feel we’re taught to not be happy with our bodies, find flaws, and always strive to be a better version of what we are. What if, we celebrated our bodies for what they are? How beautiful would that be? For me, these photo shoots are just that. They are beautiful, fun, empowering, and bold. I love it! These photos are a moment in time where I feel like a completely sexy bombshell!

The shoot and the photos are a little treasure I can keep from this moment in time where I felt beautiful. They are an investment for me on a personal level That is the best way I can explain it.

Feeling Bolder

I left this shoot just like the last one – on a high of feeling bold, beautiful, empowered, and ready to start a new chapter in my life. A chapter where I don’t worry about what my body should or could be. Instead, I’ll celebrate everything my body currently is.

I encourage any woman to schedule a boudoir shoot but of course, please consider safety. Be smart, make sure you research the photographer. Make sure the photographer has a legitimate business with a positive reputation. Do your research, look for positive reviews, and review their past work. All of this is for safety and quality reasons. If you want quality work you need to be safe and do your research. Additionally, you need to have rules set in place of how the photos will be distributed.

The most important tip I have is to be safe, have a vision for your shoot, but trust the photographer and their vision as well. If you’ve seen the photographers work and love it, then trust them. Check out Misfit 29 Studios, their work is beyond amazing.

Photo Credit: Misfit 29 / @misfit29studios



  1. maria wrote:

    really awesome way to be creative!

    Posted on 12.6.17 · Reply to comment
  2. Thanks for sharing this experience darling!
    Nicky x

    Posted on 12.6.17 · Reply to comment
  3. Karlee wrote:

    YAS GIRL!!! These need to be framed and put all over your bedroom because you are gorgeous!! I think that last one with you not looking at the camera is my favorite!!

    Posted on 12.6.17 · Reply to comment
    • Thank you so much! I think that may be my favorite as well! The shoot was just so much fun. I can’t even explain it 🙂

      Posted on 12.6.17 · Reply to comment
  4. Rachael Burow wrote:

    I love your confidence and beauty, you definitely inspired me! Love this post! xx

    Posted on 12.6.17 · Reply to comment
  5. bubbyandbean wrote:

    Love how artsy and beautiful this is!

    Posted on 12.6.17 · Reply to comment
  6. EG III wrote:

    You look amazing! Red is such a beautiful color on you and you totally rocked this photoshoot!

    Posted on 12.7.17 · Reply to comment
  7. Patty wrote:

    Girl you look amazing! Love these shots!

    Posted on 12.8.17 · Reply to comment
  8. Deb Savage wrote:

    This would definitely raise some confidence if done in the right way. Thanks for sharing!

    Posted on 12.9.17 · Reply to comment
  9. Ashley DTKAustin wrote:

    I love doing boudoir shoots! I haven’t done one in so long but it definitely is a confidence booster!!

    Posted on 12.9.17 · Reply to comment
  10. Love these shots! You feel so confident and beautiful! Really want to try it too now!

    Posted on 12.10.17 · Reply to comment
  11. KatWalksf wrote:

    What an epic shoot!

    Posted on 12.11.17 · Reply to comment

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