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Classics & The Brown Moto Jacket

Classics & The Brown Moto Jacket Classics & The Brown Moto Jacket

I love classic looks but I also love edgy pieces. What could be better than mixing classic and edgy? Not much my friends. A moto jacket is the easiest way to add edge to any outfit. If you don’t own a moto jacket – go get a moto jacket. There is something so fun and cool about a moto jacket.

I’ve had this moto jacket for awhile and I’m always hesitant about wearing it. Strangely, I don’t have a truly valid reason why. I think the color throws me off a bit. I’m always drawn to dark colors. I’ll be honest, over half of my closet is either black or dark grey (no shame here). Every time I get this jacket out I think –  I wish this was black.  With all that said, I finally styled this jacket and I loved it (I still wish this jacket was black).

Styling a Moto Jacket

I paired this moto jacket with one of my favorite pairs of Joe’s Jeans. I love Joe’s jeans because they fit my curves perfectly. Also, I mentioned before, H&M hit a home run in sweaters this year (previous looks here and here). No lie, I’ve worn the same three sweaters on repeat shamelessly. My goal with this look was to look edgy, yet polished and professional. I recently purchased these Sam Edelman heels and I love them. These heels are the perfect mix of polished and professional. I also purchased a few other pairs of Sam Edelman heels and I’m dying to wear them when the weather warms up.

I topped the whole look off with my vintage Speedy 30. Whenever I want my outfit to have a classic touch, I instantly think of my Speedy 30. I’m linking my outfit details below along with some variations because my jacket is an older piece.

Photo Credit: Liz Paveza / Misfit 29 / @thismisfitliz


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