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Getting Back to the Basics of Life

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The weather was partially gorgeous this weekend with some much-needed sunshine. We strolled through a lovely park in my area and soaked up the few rays of the sunshine we had. I definitely want to plan some outdoor fun in my future. Spring and Summer are so wonderful because we get to see new life put back into everything around us. Each year the beauty of Spring and Summer still amazes me.

Lately, I’ve snagged a couple cute deals at my local Tj Maxx. Some people hate on Tj Maxx but I love browsing there. I never know what I’ll find tucked away. I opted for a casual look because I’m still healing from broken a toe. Since breaking my toe a couple of weeks ago I’m trapped in this flip flop world I can’t get out of. I’m not much of a flip flop fan but I did score these cute Coach flip flops at Tj Max for $20. They are adorable with the little golden bows on the toes. I’m stuck wearing flip flops but at least the flip flops are cute.

I wanted to be super casual this weekend and I went for a laid back look that still felt polished. I grabbed my favorite pair of destroyed skinniness, this super soft tee, and my Coach flip flops. I topped the look off with LV speedy for a classic finishing touch.

A similar look is linked below for you! Enjoy!


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