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Hey Pretty Baby Are You Ready for Me?!


Watch out world and get ready for me! I’m a woman filled with creativity. Boy am I filled with mental energy lately. Like bursting at the seams and about to erupt. yeah, that kind of mental energy. My physical energy is on the up and up as well but the energy I’m talking about tonight is a different type of energy. It’s this amazing energy to write, create, design, and share. This amazing energy is coming from several directions. Most of it is because of my increasing faith and desire to serve God. I’ve opened a beautiful floodgate of positive energy in my world by turning my life back to serving God and talking about it publicly.

I’m overflowing with ideas. With an overflow of ideas comes a need to organize them. So, tonight I want to share my 4 main tips for keeping the creativity flowing and organizing my ideas and posts.

1) I am organizing my ideas in a simple way. As soon as a thought pops in my head I’m adding it in the notes section of my iPhone. I have a ton of ideas and they usually come in quick bursts. If I don’t write them down they are quickly forgotten. Sadly, some thoughts have popped in my head and I didn’t put them in my notes. Who knows what amazing ideas have been forgotten. I also suggest starting a journal but since my iPhone is in my hand more than a notebook I prefer the notes section of my phone.

2) I’m not overthinking what I want to write about. I tend to overthink things and the same applies to my blogging. When I have an idea I want to write about I can quickly over complicate the idea. To avoid this, I’m picking a topic and staying on point of the topic. I can always write a post in the future about all the little topics that pop up while I’m writing. It’s very easy to venture off track and discuss many points and topics at once. Keeping track of topics and staying true to the point are important factors for me.

3) I’m choosing the days of the week that I write. Mostly I have been writing when I get the urge. As with anything there needs to be organization. I don’t go to work just when I want so I shouldn’t post just when I want. Some may say – well if you’re blogging for fun or as a creative outlet then post when you please. I’m blogging as a creative outlet but also because I want to interact with others. Since I want my blog to benefit others this means I need to practice consistency. I will be posting content on a minimum of two days a week. I’ve committed Saturday and Thursday as my posting days. I do get excited to post and sometimes I post off schedule and that is fine. What isn’t fine is missing post dates.

4) I am learning to use scheduled posts. Let’s say you are having a crazy creative night and just can’t stop writing. get it! write your heart out! Then schedule your posts for your set posting days or extra posting days. Using your creative moments to prepare future posts will also help for the dry times when your creativity is running low. If you schedule posts don’t forget to review comments and interact with your viewers.

I hope you enjoy these simple tips. what tips do you use to stay organized?

Post title is a lyric from one of my favorite songs Guitar Town performed by Steve Earle.


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