23 Oct 2017

Behind the Scenes Look: How I Create an Outfit Post

Told you my love of bell sleeves was going to continue (previous post here). I’m so in love with this flirty and fun look. I have more bell sleeve outfits to photograph and I can’t wait! The vintage vibes get me every single time. My heart loves vintage because I have a deep love for the past and history. I think it has to do with the journey, the feeling, and the memories of times gone by. I guess I’m a hopeless vintage loving romantic. No shame here.

So a question I hear all the time in variation relates to how style posts are created. The process of posting an outfit may look easy but trust me when I say it is work. There are posts that require more work than others but for the most part, there is a great deal of time that goes into preparing a post. I thought it would be fun to outline how I create a style post. I could write a couple posts about this and probably will. For now, I’ll try to keep it simple on how I photograph my outfits, chose content, and finalize a style post.

The Outfit

In my opinion, selecting an outfit is the hardest part. Why? because the outfit is built around a couple different factors. There a few different ways I prepare a style post.

  • A brand will approach me for a collaboration. If the post is sponsored, then I’m building the outfit around the details of the sponsored content. I find these types of posts to be the most difficult because of the importance of working with a brand. When working with a brand, you have to be careful to follow the outlined agreement. I spend extra time when drafting to make sure I’ve met all the details of the agreement.


  • I have an idea that I pitched to a brand. Then, I’m building the outfit around the idea I pitched. This is easier because I already have the outfit and post in draft. I still spend extra time ensuring I’ve met all the details of the agreement but the overall review is faster because I have pre-planned content to work with.


  • Free creative thought. Some of my outfits are based on my own ideas and are not sponsored. These are some of my favorite posts because of the lack of pressure. With sponsored content, I’m extra aware of checking post performance and social performance. Why? Because I treat my blog like a job (post here). The posts I create that are not sponsored feel more enjoyable to me because it is less like work and more creative.


I’m going to get information sidetracked or a bit, hold on. Photography has been an ongoing struggle for me since I started blogging. In the beginning, I struggled with being confident in front of the camera. I have no issues with taking photos for other people but boy oh boy did I feel silly when the tables turned. I’ve worked to overcome that and I know that might sound odd. Doesn’t it sound odd to say I had to learn to become confident having my photo taken? When I read that phrase I feel weird, like how self-absorbed…

Blogging can seem very superficial and I guess it does have a superficial component to it. When starting a blog you are assuming someone wants to read about you. So weird, but when you really start blogging you quickly realize it is work and the material stands for something. I started blogging for a few reasons and one of those reasons was to give information back instead of always taking information. That part feels good, when I receive a comment from a reader letting me know they enjoy my content I feel great knowing what I am putting out is inspiring someone.

Now back to photography, I work with a photographer I know and trust. I’m not a blogger who is surrounded by blogger and photographer friends. I wish! Instead, I have to hunt people down like they owe me money. Real talk. I’ve been fortunate to work with one photographer for about a year now. I’ve stayed with her because I’m comfortable with her and I like her photography style. Finding a professional photographer that fits your style is a whole other post but seriously, make sure you work with a photographer who creates your blog vision.

Once my outfits are planned, location is next. Location is a major important part of the process. My photographer and I plan the location around the outfits I have selected. We look for background colors, quiet places, and great natural lighting. Once again, I wish I was a blogger who could photograph my outfit daily but until I have more than one photographer that I love it just ain’t happening. Also, let’s be real for a minute here. I don’t dress up every day. Some days I wear leggings to my day job and a sweatshirt. Hey, maybe I could show my daily simple outfits but for now, I’m satisfied with photographing all my outfits at once.

Once we are at the location, I layer my outfits in a way that makes changing in public as easy as possible. I’ll post more about that later. Basically, I layer pieces in a way that makes it easy to remove them. Such as dresses first then jeans. Cami’s under tops so I’m not naked in public. Feeling me?

Posting Schedule

I’m not going to say I’m the most organized blogger because that would be a big huge lie. However, I try my best to keep my blog content calendar up to date. I plan out each month based on the number of sponsored posts I have, possible collaborations, content I’ve created without a sponsor, and topics I want to talk about. I also do my best to plan around seasons, holidays, sales, etc. I could really work to improve that though. Just being real with you.

I like to have a visual of my content because it helps me visualize my posts, generate ideas, and it keeps me accountable to my blog and the content. Treat your blog like a job people if you want it to grow. I firmly believe that if you properly water your blog it will grow. You have to keep your heart in it and show up for work.

The Post

After my photographer gives me the final photos I finish my post up. I usually have a draft in place but I don’t make the final post edits until I see the finished phots. I do this for a couple reasons. 1) I want to make sure I add the correct info to the post. 2) sometimes I will add extra content to highlight part of the photo.

I then review the datils of the sponsored agreement if the post is sponsored. Sometimes, as I read my post I realize I need to do a follow-up post. If so, I go ahead and add that to my blog ideas or my content calendar. Backlinking your blog posts is important. If you’re slacking on that having a content plan or calendar will help you get started. Don’t know what that means? Let’s chat, I can help you out.

So much info! I hope this wasn’t overwhelming! Let me know if you have questions.



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