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Just Stop and Slow Down

I love to be busy. By busy, I mean I love to meet deadline after deadline, work on weekends, plan, and create nonstop. I’m a thinker and a do’er. I don’t like to sit idle when I could be doing something productive. I’ve got ideas, plans, goals, vision, and determination like no other. I like to get stuff done. I love the rush to the finish line just to turn around and start the race again. Real talk, I have a hard time watching TV or relaxing because I have so many things I want to do. For me, it’s not relaxing to sit and do nothing. I feel like I’m wasting time when I could be doing something productive.

A few posts back I talked about why I started blogging (post here). Basically, I wanted to push my comfort zones, create a finished product, and express my life experiences. Well I’m going to push my comfort zones again for a bit. What if I just stopped? Whoa now, let’s not get crazy – but seriously. What if I just stopped? Stopped being so personally and professionally motivated. Stopped working so much. What if I stopped expressing and creating in fast forward. Stopped building my goals like it has to be done tomorrow. What if I stopped the race I’ve set for myself? I’m nervous just thinking about that!

I may be nervous but I’m going to do just that – just stop. Just stop and regroup. I’m going to rethink how I’m spending my time. Then, I’m going to slow down. Slow down and learn to enjoy the path to my goals. I’m going to slow down and enjoy the process. I’m learning I don’t have to complete everything in a day.


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