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Review: Le Tote

Let’s talk Le Tote! For the past few months I’ve been enjoying a few different subscription style clothing services. I joined Le Tote about a month or so ago and it’s been a blast! First of all, it’s fun to say Le Tote (just being silly). Seriously though, I’ve honestly enjoyed giving these types of services a try for a variety of reasons. One being, its outside of my typically shopping style and it’s fun to receive items in the mail (don’t try to deny).

Le Tote is a monthly service where you essentially rent items, return them, and reorder as many times as you want for one monthly price of $59.95. The basics of Le Tote are pretty easy. Signup, answer some style preference questions, and customize your first tote.When your items arrive you can wear them, return them, and then receive another tote. Le Tote takes care of the cleaning for you.

While explaining how it works to my friends I got a couple blank stares. I think what throws people off is paying for a service where you aren’t keeping an item. Think about it like this, how many times have you went shopping and purchased items you wore only once or twice? for me, tons! I have spent $60 several times only to hate the item a short time later.

I also think wearing worn items seems odd at first as well. Personally, I was concerned when I received my first tote. No need to worry though, the packaging was lovely, the clothing was clean, and I could barely tell they were worn. I plan to keep using Le Tote for a few more months. Below I’m listing what I loved and disliked about Le Tote! Enjoy!

What I liked about Le Tote – ¬†Convenience of customizing the tote. Unlike other services you get the help of a stylist but you get the final decision on what is in your tote. Easy returns. Excellent customer service. I had an issue where my returned tote didn’t update and I couldn’t customize my next tote. Customer service quickly resolved the issue. The option to purchase items. The option to quickly put the service on hold through the app.

What I disliked The quality of the items is nice but overall I felt styles were limited. Many of the items I liked were not available to order in my tote or were not available in my size. Being charged monthly gets a bit overwhelming.

Overall I plan to keep using the service for a few more months. Also, I discovered my new favorite pair of jeans thanks to Le Tote (I’ll post soon)! If you’ve tried Le Tote let me know your thoughts!


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