Life with My French Bulldog

In this post, we’re going to talk about life with my French Bulldog. So, guess what? It’s time to meet Milly. Milly is the wonderful (yet stressful) puppy we added to our lives recently. Remember earlier this week when I talked about my massive stress level (post here)?  Well, this crazy-eyed silly puppy is part of the chaos. Shes so cute though!

So what is life like with a baby dog running around? Rough (or ruff?), is the word I’m using to describe it. I’m going to keep it real and honest from my personal experience and perspective. I think puppy life is hard! Most of us know that pets are work but no joke this 10lb ball of fur is a ton of work! If you love puppies, have experience, and don’t mind a messy house then you’ll probably disagree with me.

Life with a puppy

She slobbers, sheds, barks, is refusing to be house-trained and can go without a nap for 16 hours straight. I’m certain, she would play until one of us died of exhaustion, and it would probably be me. She has more energy than I’ve ever had.  She consumes my evenings, my mornings, my weekends, and most of if not all of my spare time. No exaggerations, puppies require constant care.

All of that negative stuff aside, I love this sweet puppy. Milly has brought the oddest type of joy to my life. She gets so excited to see me and jumps for joy when I get home. If you don’t already know, puppies give the sweetest little puppy licks to the face. She happy jumps around playing with the simplest of items she finds on the floor. It could be a piece of string and with the most amazing puppy filled wonder she will sniff it out and play with it. Her snores are the most soothing sound to me and I love watching her sleep on the rare times she does. puppy life is tough but so worth it in these sweet moments.

Photo Credit: Liz Paveza / Misfit 29 / @thismisfitliz

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