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Live Online Auction Shopping with Tophatter

Live Online Auction Shopping with Tophatter

If you know me you know I love a good resale deal! For me, there is a thrill to the hunt for a deal. Even if I don’t have a specific product in mind I still enjoy browsing resale sites. You never know what treasure you may find. I’m usually looking for vintage or unique items. I’m always browsing popular resale sites such as EBay, ThredUP, Poshmark, and Etsy. I’ve found and sold some neat items over the years.

For this post I’m introducing you to the newest site I’ve been browsing. Meet Tophatter! I discovered Tophatter a few years ago during my time as a vintage and resale store owner. I’m excited to collaborate with them on this post! Tophatter features shopping events in a live quick moving auction format. Some products are also available for immediate purchase. You can shop, bid, buy, and sell on Tophatter.

Some brand names you will find are Coach and Kate Spade. I usually search vintage designer items. As with any online resale site/app you should be cautious and make sure you’re purchasing an authentic item. If you’re new to searching and buying vintage items online I suggest you do some research first to ensure you are purchasing an authentic piece. It can be tricky to identify an authentic item and if you’re in doubt don’t purchase it.

The fun part of online live auction events is you never know what you may find. You may find something awesome or you may just browse and get ideas for future purchases. If you’re the kind of person who enjoys the hunt for a unique item or enjoys browsing for treasures check out Tophatter for sure.


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