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Meet the LadyBossBlogger!

Meet the LadyBossBlogger!

I recently had the opportunity of blog interview swapping with Elaine Rau, the face behind the empowered LadyBossBlogger blog. I am so excited to collaborate, feature, and interview with Elaine and LadyBossBlogger. Elaine started LadyBossBlogger and through her blog, she interviews and highlights female entrepreneurs from around the world. I love working with empowered women who have made their dream a reality. I also believe in supporting other women! When women support each other great things can happen! The energy can be contagious!

I’ve had the opportunity of meeting and collaborating with some awesome women and women-owned brands since starting the blog and I’m so excited to feature this interview with Elaine. Throughout her interview, Elaine has provided some awesome and honest views on how she made her dream and vision a reality. My favorite piece of information from her interview is how she simply – Got started on her idea. Enjoy and don’t forget to check out LadyBossBlogger at:

Facebook: @ladybossblogger

Facebook Group: www.facebook.com/groups/ladybossblogger
Instagram: @ladybossblogger

Twitter: @ladybossblogger
Website: www.ladybossblogger.com

Reviews: www.ladybossblogger.com/testimonials

Reviews: www.facebook.com/pg/ladybossblogger/reviews
Google+: https://plus.google.com/collection/ISyInB
LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/elainerau
YouTube: www.youtube.com/channel/UCgjw_7BW-GoOMMHp6RQEWdg

Interview with Elaine Rau founder & CEO of LadyBlossBlogger

Meet the LadyBossBlogger!

What is the main goal of LadyBossBlogger?

While I was living in Chicago, I was meeting all these amazing male entrepreneurs doing incredible things and making TONS of money and I wanted to know where all the females were! I wanted to somehow connect with and unite them on one platform and highlight their business so that, 1) I could learn more about what they do and how they got there and 2) so that other ladies like me who were looking for female entrepreneur role models could find them and be inspired! However, during that time I was in a lot of transition. I had just quit my job and ended up spontaneously moving to Central America to be with my fiancé… which wasn’t the smartest move career-wise considering I couldn’t speak Spanish so I couldn’t do the jobs I wanted to! So I ended up working for a few remote companies from the states, however I felt like my life was being sucked out of me from lacking passion in my jobs. That is when I remembered my previous goals and worked up a rough outline of my vision, bought the ladybossblogger.com domain, and got to work bringing my vision to life! It has since evolved to be a hub where people pay to get their businesses featured due to the high volume of hits each interview gets on social media.

What was the most useful thing you did to launch LadyBossBlogger?

Instead of writing down all my plans and what I wanted to accomplish, I just STARTED. Partly because I didn’t have it all figured out and the other part knew that if I didn’t do something useful with my time I would go crazy! I also had an intern right from the start who was super helpful in creating social media marketing plans, coming up with new ideas, and helping out with generating leads.

What has been the most effective way for you to engage with other women and grow LadyBossBlogger?

Instagram. I love how easy and uncluttered it is and that I can just click on someone’s profile and see their bio and be able to get a good idea of what they do and what they are interested in. I use this information when I reach out to connect, relate, and engage.

What have been your biggest challenges and how do you overcome your challenges?

Over the holidays I was in a little bit of a slump. I was out of ideas, tired of grinding (probably because everyone was on vacation mode) and wanted to give up! The realization that the journey is going to be filled with ups and downs motivated me to keep going because the only way out of the valley is up and this month I am already projecting to double my monthly blog earnings! We are not going to think about the next valley coming up… just going to ride this high for a while 😉

What is your favorite part of operating LadyBossBlogger?

It’s rather silly but I honestly love answering emails! I also love reading every single one of the interviews as I edit them and learn about each individuals business. I am slowly building a rolodex in my mind in order to 1) connect ladies with others they want to meet 2) know if I need a certain service who to turn to! I have been told lots of times that I am a connector and naturally love connecting people with the people that they want to meet or network with. I also love it when I get a great review on Facebook, it makes all my hard work worth it!


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