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Let’s Get Creative!

So remember when I claimed Motivational Monday as my thing (though clearly it’s not)? Well, I’m back with more motivation for your Monday.

It’s time to get creative. This post is for the individual who has been tossing around the idea of starting a blog or a YouTube Channel. Do it! It’s time. don’t waste another day daydreaming or being indecisive. Today is the day to get started. Now you may be thinking a whole negative fueled internal dialogue about why you aren’t ready or you can’t begin.

I’m telling you to toss that negativity out. Pick a place to start and just roll with it. You don’t need to have everything figured out to start. I’ve read many bloggers say they spent months planning. There is nothing wrong with that. Personally, I tossed the idea around for years. Started. stopped. started again and again. Then I made my mind up to give it my all.

I’m encouraging you to get started. Make your mind up and get the ball rolling so to speak. Then, don’t stop. Keep pushing forward.┬áTrust me you’ll be surprised how quickly your ideas will blossom and if they don’t you can now say you tired. The best thing is you gave it a shot instead of not trying. You’ll start small and you’ll grow. Who knows how big you’ll grow. I’m still very small in the blogsphere but I’m passionate and driven. No matter what my size is I will give it my best and learn each day.

Every idea starts somewhere. My suggestion for you is to get a journal and brainstorm your idea. Then make that first step and get started. If you’re passionate you’ll start snowballing knowledge. I encourage you this week to get your ideas rolling. Write them down, type them out, make a Pinterest board. Any small step in the direction of your goal is the right direction.

Hopefully these tips will save you some time, frustration, and help you. In a world, that often feels like it takes it feels awesome to give some information back.


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