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We Need Truth & Love


Our Minds are so delicate. So very delicate. This week’s motivation post is deep and thought filled. I’m watching the presidential debate tonight and thinking about the power of words and the power of what we put into our minds. Listening to the debates has provoked so many emotions in my heart and mind.

Remember that old saying about you are what you eat? Well, our minds are what we put into them. What are you putting into your mind today, this week, this month, this year? I want to be aware of what I put into my mind. I want to be aware of what I put into my mind because I think what goes in is what comes out. I want to speak faith, truth, and love. This week I’m going to work on feeding my mind faith, truth, and love.

I want all areas of my life to be filled with faith, truth, and love. I don’t know about you but I feel each goes hand in hand like a chain reaction. If I have faith, if I speak truth, I’m preparing my heart and mind to Love. This world needs love, and this week I’m going to be working on putting faith, truth, and love into me, and into the world.


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