Ongoing Favorites

I have another sweater dress that has made my pear-shaped body happy. Where from? You guessed it – Shop Tobi. This makes two sweater dresses that compliment my shape (c/o of Shop Tobi), and I am thrilled about that. It is so easy to just put a sweater dress and boots on. I love simple, no fuss, easy outfits that make me feel great but don’t restrict my day. What do I mean by restricting my day? Clothes I can’t move in. I can’t think of anything that ruins my day faster than having to tug on my clothes. I think my new love of sweater dresses is rooted in the fact that 1) they can actually compliment my shape and 2) They feel casual sexy. You know what I mean?

For this post, I have nothing extra amazing to share, no words of wisdom, nothing. Life has been really normal other than my amazing clean closet that took hours from a few posts back. Yup, I’m pretty boring. The only kind of exciting thing I have to share with you is my YouTube Channel which is a work in progress.  No seriously, it is a work in progress. I have much to learn! I started the channel for a few reasons. I noticed my blogging posts are crazy long and I felt starting a YouTube channel would allow me to talk more about blogging or whatever else pops up along the way. My first two videos were fun to make but as with any new thing there is a learning curve and it is time-consuming. Overall though, I’m having fun and I plan to continue. If you haven’t taken a look yet, go watch and let me know what you think. Please be kind and remember I am new at this! 🙂

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