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Ordering Glasses Online Made Easy with Coastal

This post is sponsored by Coastal and they’re changing the way you order eyeglasses. In fourth grade, my mom took me to the eye doctor and I picked out my first pair of giant glasses. The best part of it all – I could see clearly! I had no idea I needed glasses until I could finally see clearly. I wish I could rewind time and see my little kid face light up! Flash forward and guess what? I still love a great pair of giant frames! What to know what I don’t like? Sure you do! I don’t like choosing and ordering frames.

If you’ve ever ordered prescription glasses online you know it can be a pain finding the perfect pair. There are plenty of times I’ve given up looking simply because I was overwhelmed by some aspect of the process. Choosing the right style from all of the options, what company to trust, and most importantly finding the correct size frames. Cut me a break eyeglass companies. Well, cut the junk because I’ve found a pretty cool way to order glasses online. In steps, Coastal!

Ordering Glasses Online Made Easy with Coastal 

Coastal is an online eyewear storefront that offers a portfolio of handcrafted exclusive designs and designer brands. You can read the brand and their story here. Coastal is the largest online eyewear company in the world with a mission to make vision correction accessible worldwide, The best part of the Coastal experience is the MyFit tool which assists with selecting the best frames for your face. The MyFit experience curates a boutique of styles tailored for you based on your glasses measurements and style preferences.

Coastal has a wide range of styles that range from designer to exclusively designed brands that are designed in-house. I used the MyFit tool to select and order these Kam Dhillon Savona Frames c/o Coastal. I knew I wanted a vintage cat eye look on a larger frame. These frames are just that! I often consider my glasses as a unique part of a certain look or outfit. These frames were very affordable, making it easy to own multiple pairs and build an eyeglasses wardrobe for the different looks I want to create.

Also, with the MyFit tool, it was fun to see frames that were in the size range I needed and in a different style than what I typically would consider. it was fun to see frames that were in the size range I needed and in a different style than what I  typically would consider. If you’re considering ordering frames, contact, or sunglasses online I highly suggest checking out all the designs offered by Coastal.


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