Out with the Old

These photos are from months ago and I realized I never posted them. I still like this outfit though! I have been crazy busy! We shot this look at the very end of Fall when it was still warm out. Life gets busy and before you know it months have gone by. It seems like just two weeks ago it was hot outside and I was complaining about it.  Then next thing I knew it was snowing. Now the wind hurts my face, my skin is dry, and guess what? I went from complaining about being hot to complaining about being cold. ha!

Since Winter arrived, I’ve had this need to reorganize everything. A few snow days is all it took to get things going. It started with the office and quickly spread to each bedroom. I ended my declutter spree in my bedroom and closet. I can’t tell you how wonderful it felt to clean out all of my drawers and my closet. I went through things I’ve wanted to clean out for years! I cleaned drawers, storage boxes, I even made sure all my socks and gloves were matched. Things got crazy.

The last project was my closet. My closet was a mess! I had clothes and shoes everywhere. When we moved into our home our closet wasn’t complete so things got messy quick. Also, I had clothes I hadn’t worn in years and I knew it was time for them to go. I made a huge pile of clothes to get rid of and said goodbye to clutter. Bye Bye! There was just no need in keeping things in my closet that serve no purpose and just occupy space. Getting rid of things I don’t need and knowing I have clean space is such an awesome feeling. It felt great! No joke – the best feeling ever.

I usually resell most of the items I let go because I use the money for items I currently want. You can read more about the sites I use to resell my items here. For the pile I let go, I sent most of it to my future sister-in-law. She is the only woman I know who matches me in height. I honestly love when people send closet cleanouts my way. I used to love when my best friend sent the sweaters she was done with to me. If you’re reading Alison, send me sweaters.

I’m in no rush to take in any unwanted items or buy anything else. I’m enjoying my clean closet and I found items I forgot I had. In all seriousness, the organization process felt great and super satisfying. Plus, finding the clothes I want to wear is way easier now. My next home chore is finishing our closet, until then at least everything is put away. My day is much better when I’m not digging for socks and shoes.

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