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Ain’t that Same Old Been Done Kind. Yup, these are lyrics from one of my favorite Eric Church songs. The lyrics came to mind while I was thinking about how to summarize my thoughts for this post. Basically, my thoughts…

HASK Exotic Oil Collection

A few months back I posted about the HASK Greek Yogurt Shampoo set. You can check out that post here. HASK has some great products to chose from and they’ve launched an exotic oils line of shampoos and conditioners. Each…

Lover of beautiful words, all things vintage, and of times gone by. I hope you find something you love on this little space.

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Blue Jean Baby

Blue Jean Baby, that is the best title I could come up with? Have I lost my creative touch? Just kidding! I actually like it! So, for weeks I have been on the hunt for the perfect vintage denim jacket.…

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