Something to Believe in

I’ve talked about my faith on the blog a few times over the years. I’m not sure if I ever fully express it in the way I want to but each time I’ve given my all. Here we go again…

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Self-care and Migraines

Warning, this is a long post. Migraine headaches. If you’ve ever had one then you know firsthand how awful they are. If you’ve never had one, consider yourself fortunate. Even if you’ve never had one, you likely know a migraine…


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The Leather Mini

You’ve seen this skirt before (post here) and guess what? I still love it. I never thought I would love a leather mini skirt. I just always felt like a leather mini skirt was a standout piece I didn’t need.…

Leather Minis

Skincare Loves

Man oh man do I have some skin treats for you. I’ve been wanting to write this post for what feels like a century. I kept thinking about writing it then I would get sidetracked. I finally decided it was…

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Spring Fever

Spring Fever

I can feel my Spring fever because all I’m thinking about is warm weather, business growth, and meeting my goals. I love Spring because I honestly feel so energized. Like I am so ready that I have my Spring and Summer shoes lined up in my closet. As soon as the first breeze of warm air hits my face I’m swapping my shoes out.

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