Review: Le Tote

Let’s talk Le Tote! For the past few months I’ve been enjoying a few different subscription style clothing services. I joined Le Tote about a month or so ago and it’s been a blast! First of all, it’s fun to…

Spread Some Love

Imagine a world where we loved how we looked just as we are. Crazy huh? How many companies wouldn’t exist if we weren’t always looking to change something about ourselves? Now, back to reality. We live in a world that…

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Review: Stitch Fix

When I first discovered subscription style clothing services I honestly wasn’t that excited. My initial thoughts were why? How? Is this really a convenient service? What is the quality? and most importantly am I going to have to worry about…

Set Your Goals

This week we’re talking about setting goals. You may be thinking, Regina, I already set goals. Well, I’m not talking about basic goals. I’m talking about goals that are about you. What do you want to accomplish? What are your…

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Lighten Up

You may be noticing a trend with the Motivational Monday posts. The theme is Relax and then Relax some more. In my last Motivation Monday post, I talked about Rest and Relaxation. This week we’re talking about learning to lighten…