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What are your thoughts on subscription clothing services? I have an up and down relationship with many of the services. Sometimes I’m really into them and sometimes not so much. I’ve posted about Le Tote before (post here). Overall, I really like this service.

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Meet Christinabtv!

I have a goal for The Every Day Mix, I want to feature a Lifestyle, fashion, or beauty blogger who motivates, inspires, or who keeps me informed with great content each week. Why? Because I want to create a space where I can positively encourage those who encourage me.

Denim and White

I have a quick post for you because I’m currently consumed with updating my blog content. I’m almost finished and I’m excited about the updates. I’m working to clean up my design and simplify the layout. It’s crazy how quickly blogs can get cluttered. Similar to my kitchen counters. I think all bloggers go through seasons of change.

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