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Pocket Tee Dresses and OTK Boots

It has been absolutely gorgeous outside for the past few days. Bright blue skies and perfect temps have me loving being outdoors. I’ve been been craving easy outfits on these gorgeous days. Specifically, dresses that are easy to wear. One thing I love almost as much as my OTK boots are lightweight and easy dresses. Dresses that can be worn basically any way you chose. If you want to get dressed up – add some boots or heels. If you want to dress down – throw on sneakers or sandals. Yeah, those kind of dresses.

Light summer dresses and sneakers are my go-to look as soon as the weather gets hot. I knew this jersey pocket tee dress from Tobi.com would be amazing when I spotted it. The fabric is soft, lightweight, and most importantly, not see through. Also it can be worn with everything from sneakers to OTK boots

How to Style Pocket Tee Dresses and OTK Boots

When I planned this shoot I knew I wanted it to be fun and bold so that is exactly what we did. I paired the tee dress with OTK boots and my favorite RayBan shades. I wanted the outfit to have a dressed-up, bold, and dramatic feel. OTK boots and shades provide the the bold, fun, and dressed-up look I want. Also, I just love OTK boots (previous looks here and here). I’d wear them all year if the Midwest heat would let me. I promise you, the Midwest feels like an open oven on 500 degrees sometimes. Regardless, I’m wearing my boots as much as I can before it gets to hot outside to breath. I’ll definitely be wearing this dress and similar style dresses all Spring and Summer. I’m thinking next time I’ll add some Ked’s or Converse and get super casual with it.


Photo Credit: Liz Paveza / Misfit 29 / @thismisfitliz


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