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Saturday Style – Get Casual

spring style 1

spring style 3

spring style 4

Oh, the struggle is real. The wind was crazy. The sun was bright. I think I swallowed most of my hair. I’m also struggling with my photo sessions because I’m not used to being on the receiving end of photography. For some reason I never know what to do with my hands. With all that said, today was beautiful, I’m enjoying my blog, and I’m so excited about the growth of the blog. I’m growing each and every day and It’s just awesome!

I have a few cheap and versatile pieces in my closet that I wear quite often. They are pieces I didn’t pay much for, I don’t mind getting them dirty, and they are excellent for a casual Saturday. My A&E Destroyed Denim and Converse are two of my most basic and versatile pieces.

Today, I wanted to be casual but I also didn’t want to be overly casual. The husband and I furniture shopped all day and I knew heels were out of the question. Also, the weather was amazing and I knew I wanted to wear my Converse. I decided on my favorite destroyed denim, a military tunic style top, and my trusty Converse. I also haven’t carried my LV Neverfull in awhile because I don’t like to carry it in the winter months when I am trudging through snow mush, rain, and the wind. Like I said, today was sunny and beautiful so I brought my LV out to spice things up a bit.

Below, I linked either the exact or a similar piece to each item I’m wearing. After enjoying the beautiful peak of Spring today I can’t wait for the warmer months! I’m also really enjoying Saturday Style posts because through the week I’m rushed and Saturday is my day to put forth some effort on my style and hair. Even though I was super casual today I felt great!


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