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Set Your Goals


This week we’re talking about setting goals. You may be thinking, Regina, I already set goals. Well, I’m not talking about basic goals. I’m talking about goals that are about you. What do you want to accomplish? What are your big goals? The keyword here is – YOU. Ask yourself, what do I want to accomplish? Then, make those goals come to life by writing them down.

I challenge you this week to decide what your personal goals are. The goals that define who and what you are as well as who and what you want to be (that was a mouthful). Give your goals life and write them down. I’m not trying to create an air of selfishness with this Motivation Monday post. There is importance in taking time to define what your goals are.

We each have many roles we play in our lives. We all need personal space to prevent burnout. Also, taking time to define your goals allows you to visualize what you want. The best way to reach your goals is to get started. This week, decide what you want to accomplish, write it down, and start the journey there.

For me, I’m getting back to pouring my heart into my blog. I’m also, deciding where I want the blog to be in the next year, and how I plan to get there. I’m encouraging you to set your goals this week. Start your personal journey to where you want to be.


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