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Short Skirts and Long Jackets

I want a girl in a short skirt and a long jacket. Come on, you remember that Cake song, right? When I see these photos I want to sing that song. It was a great song! Just like the song, I do love pairing short dresses and skirts with long jackets (previous looks here and here). I’ve been doing it every season and it feels so glam! I love no fuss looks but sometimes I want to glam things up a bit! Instant glam is easy to create if you have the right pieces. In my opinion, a longline coat is a wardrobe essential. You can add a longline coat to almost any look and feel instantly sexy and glam.

Short Skirts and Long Jackets

I received this amazing longline coat c/o of shein and I knew instantly how I wanted to style this piece for an early Spring glam look. I recently posted about how I build my wardrobe through basically saving some and spending some. Pretty simple huh? Same concept here. This coat feels very lux and is perfectly priced. The lux feel of the coat makes it perfect to pair with some of my fav lux pieces in a variety of ways. For this glam look, I paired my favorite mini dress with a pair of feminine tie-up heels. I added the longline coat to downplay the shortness of the dress. Instant glam!


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