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Creative Ups and Simple Style

Simple Summer Dresses that Can Easily be Transitioned into Fall Simple Summer Dresses that Can Easily be Transitioned into Fall Simple Summer Dresses that Can Easily be Transitioned into Fall

I’m soaking up what feels like the end of summer. The temperature has been cool and I can feel Fall creeping in. I’m in love with it! I can’t wait until all I hear is pumpkin everything! Especially Pumpkin candles – ah my favorite smell of all time! The weather isn’t cool enough for Fall clothes but it has been nice enough for long sleeves or a sweater in the morning. By afternoon the temps are hot so I’ve been wearing my favorite summer dresses with light sweaters.

I plan to pair all of my summer dresses with sweaters and boots this Fall because I have loved every single dress I purchased this summer! Some of my favorite dresses have been easy finds at Old Navy and Target. Simple, cute, and cheap. Can’t beat that! (previous post here). Summer dresses are perfect to transition into Fall because you can layer them numerous ways. Add a chunky sweater over your sleeveless dresses and some short boots. Or my favorite, throw on a long duster cardigan and OTK boots (post here and here).

So do any of you ever go through periods where you are filled with creativity? Then periods where you aren’t so motivated? I think bloggers all go through periods of ups and downs. I’ve been full of creativity lately and loving every minute of it! For a period of time, I started to lose enjoyment in blogging. I just felt generally unmotivated. I posted about how I was working to find focus and be more transparent (post here). It worked and I’m glad I found focus and refueled my creative energy. The process was pretty easy and it worked.

Basically, I just slowed down and thought about the reasons I like blogging and the reasons I love blogging. I also thought about the reasons I hate blogging. Think of it as a blog pros and cons list. What I found was a big mix of thoughts and reasons. I sorted the list and I had way more reasons I love and like blogging. I realized that blogging isn’t always fun but if you wait out the down times and take the time to find focus hopefully you’ll find your motivation again. Hey, it worked for me!

Photo Credit: Liz Paveza / Misfit 29 / @thismisfitliz



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