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Kenra Professional Snail CC Creme

Kenra Professional Snail CC Creme

Keeping long hair healthy can be a challenge. I’ve been growing my hair out for roughly the last three years. I finally have long hair so, I’m extra careful in making sure I use products that will keep my hair healthy. What are the traits of healthy hair? Smooth, shiny, and strong.

I had the exciting opportunity to review the new Kenra Professional Platinum Snail CC Creme c/o of Kenra Professional. Snail CC Creme? Sounds unique huh? So, what is Snail CC Creme? Kenra Professional Snail CC Creme is a hair care product that is infused with a concentrated blend of proteins (don’t worry no snails were harmed in the production of the product). This creme is marketed as a luxurious 10-in-1 corrective creme that is lightweight and fights the signs of aging hair. This cc creme is supposed to be suitable for all hair types, boost shine, reduce breakage, improve elasticity, increase manageability, and provide heat protection, all while being paraben and sulfate free.

A product offering manageability really stood out to me. Manageability is a huge issue for me because my long hair tangles easily. Lastly, I think its safe to say that many of us enjoy product convenience. I personally enjoy easy to use products I can apply and then get on with my day. I don’t usually heat style and it’s important that whatever product I use dry naturally without a heavy residue being left behind. The Snail Creme directions were super easy, just apply evenly through damp or dry hair and style as usual.

I was super excited to learn the product launched nationwide in September at ULTA Beauty. No wait to purchase, what could be better than that? Go ahead and check it out. Let me know what you think! I always love to read your feedback. Also, don’t forget to get social!  Like and follow Kenra Professional on social with #SnailedIt.


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This post is sponsored by Kendra Professional / Kendra Snail Creme Platinum c/o of Kendra Professional / All opinions are my own.


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