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Spring Fever

Joes Jeans are my Longtime Favs

Old Favs | Coach Boots

Coat | JustFab

I can feel my Spring fever because all I’m thinking about is warm weather, business growth, and meeting my goals. I love Spring because I honestly feel so energized. Like I am so ready that I have my Spring and Summer shoes lined up in my closet. As soon as the first breeze of warm air hits my face I’m swapping my shoes out. No questions asked, I will take my boots off and throw them in the corner while putting sneakers and sandals on. There is such freedom in not worrying about how cold I’ll be while I walk to work.

So, you may have noticed my blog appears to have fallen by the wayside since January. Sadly, I lost several posts due to a hosting issue and they were some great posts. One being, the post “How to start a fashion or lifestyle blog”. The post was long and so much work went into it. There is no point in crying over it but I kind of want to cry about it. Just being honest here. At this point, I’m picking up where I left off and rewriting some of the posts I lost.

As I play catchup with the blog I’m also playing catchup in my life. I have been crazy busy. My small business SociallyUP has taken off and I’m loving every minute of it (if you’re a blogger who needs some SEO or Blog Design help, le’ts chat). As we enter Spring, I’m putting all my energy into the growth of my business while balancing family and life. I’m also working to clean up my wardrobe and I’m doing some Spring shopping. Hello Spring!

Jeans | Coat (JustFab) | Sweater (Older Jcrew) | Similar Boots



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