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Review: Stitch Fix


When I first discovered subscription style clothing services I honestly wasn’t that excited. My initial thoughts were why? How? Is this really a convenient service? What is the quality? and most importantly am I going to have to worry about motioning the costs? There is nothing worse than having to remember to “skip” a month or be charged. I’ve tried a few other clothing service options and I encountered issues that were less than convenient.

One of my friends tried Stitch Fix first and she loved it so I decided I would give it a try as well. I’m also not a big fan of one-time reviews. I like to try things a few times to see if I really like it. I’ve received four packages from Stitch Fix so far. The first, I wasn’t pleased with, the second I liked, the third and fourth I liked as well. I can’t say I loved the service but I liked it. I kept an item from every fix except the first. The clothing items I kept are fall items so I haven’t styled them yet and I won’t until the weather cools off a bit.

I’ll give you the basics of how Stitch Fix works. First, you answer a few style preference questions and schedule when you want your fix to arrive. You have the option of a scheduled fix or the option of receiving a fix only when you choose.

You’ll receive five items chosen by your stylist using your style preferences as a guide. You have three days to decide if you want to keep or return the items. You will be charged $20 for the fix even if you don’t keep any of the items. If you do decide to keep an item the $20 is applied to the item you chose.

What I liked about Stitch Fix – No hassle signup and delivery. Easy returns. It was fun waiting on a shipment of clothing with each tote. Excellent customer service.

What I didn’t like about Stitch Fix – The $20 fee. It is nice to have the $20 fee applied to an item but if you don’t like any of the items it feels like a small waste. I lead a buy life and I need more than 3 days to decide what I want to keep or return. Some of the items lacked quality compared to price.

Overall, I enjoyed the service and more than likely I’ll probably give it another try.


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