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Style Guide: Mixing Vintage with Current Trends 

creme-blousemary_janes creme-blouse-skirt

A question I often hear is: How do I add vintage items into my wardrobe without looking outdated? Or my personal favorite – Are you buying that? and, Are you really going to wear that? (referring to a vintage item). The answer is, heck yes! Do you think style trends were just born all of a sudden? No, trends are most often modified repeats from previous eras.

This blouse is one such item I got a few bad comments on when I purchased it. I scored this awesome creme blouse for $3.00 at a local thrift store. I’ve lovingly referred to this blouse as my Prince Blouse since I purchased it a few weeks ago. I think Prince would approve of this blouse. Hands down. The Pussy-Bow blouse is a current trend I’ve wanted to work into my wardrobe but I didn’t want to purchase it new. I preferred to use a true vintage version of the trend.

Adding Vintage to your Wardrobe

If you want to incorporate vintage into your look the key is to limit it to one or two pieces. There needs to be balance. For this look I used a vintage, modern, and vintage inspired piece. I balanced the true vintage look of the blouse with a classic cut A-line skirt. I tied it all together with a Mary-Jane style shoe.

With this look I wanted to combine a few different elements. I wanted movement, classic touches, polished pieces, true vintage, and vintage inspiration. I wanted to blend all of these elements together into a look that embodied both modern and vintage vibes. Done.

The Pussy-Bow blouse is popular right now and the price points vary. I’m adding items of varying price points below that are similar in style and can be used to achieve a similar look. As always, if you enjoy the thrill of the thrift, go search one out for hopefully $3.00.

If you’re interested in other vintage or vintage inspired outfits check these out – here and here. Enjoy!

Photo Credit: Liz Paveza / Misfit 29 / @thismisfitliz


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