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The Little Black Dress Meets Spring

The Little Black Dress Meets Spring The Little Black Dress Meets Spring The Little Black Dress Meets Spring The Little Black Dress Meets Spring

I hope everyone had an awesome weekend and spent time with loved ones. I’m not going to lie, my house avoided family events and laid low all weekend. We used the time to catch up on work then crashed for two straight days. Monday was spent more like a Sunday. We binge watched Catfish then The Blues Brothers Movie (true story). I think it’s safe to say we are living the life. Anyway, I’m so in love with the beauty of the season right now. Lately, I’ve had this revived sense of being alive.

Springtime brings out this amazing sense of happiness and a fresh start. I have a hard time explaining it but I think of springtime as a new beginning and a fresh start. flowers are blooming and the air is warmer and things feel all around awesome this time of year. It’s safe to say, I’m in love with Spring. I can usually find something I love each season but I definitely love Spring and Fall almost equally.

Another reason I love springtime (and Fall) is because I can layer pieces. Basically, I just love mixing lengths into my looks. What I mean, is different lengths in garments. For example, if I wear a short dress I like to pair it with a long jacket or cardigan. Layering long sweaters and jackets works perfect for me because I’m tall (5’9). When I’m dress shopping, most of the time I struggle to find a dress that covers my butt #realtalk. Lightweight cardis are perfect to downplay the shortness of the dresses that aren’t quite the length I prefer.

This little black dress is one of my absolute favorite dresses. I’ve worn it tons of different ways in all of the seasons with everything from sneakers to boots. I recently paired it with this amazing vintage denim jacket I bought (post here). This dress is meant to be belted but I wear it without a belt all the time. Seriously, this dress is so versatile. Also, I found this cardigan at TjMaxx a few months back and when I first started wearing it I felt kind of silly. Kinda like I was in the Matrix movie. I even did some Matrix moves in it, I couldn’t resist. I love it though, and I pair with everything including workout outfits. If you don’t have a duster cardi in your life, go get one asap.

Some of my favorite LBD’s and Cardis are linked below!

Photo Credit: Liz Paveza / Misfit 29 / @thismisfitliz


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