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Summer Casual

So funny story for you. Actually, this is more of a gross funny story. If you’re squeamish stop reading now. Ok so here goes. a few weeks ago I was getting dressed in the dark. I don’t turn the light on sometimes because my husband is still in bed and I think flipping the light on is rude. Strange what marriage does to people. Anyway, I was fresh out of the shower and standing at my dresser putting my contacts in. I picked up what looked like my contact lenses solution, filled my contact lens up, and stuck it in my eye. I quickly figured out I didn’t fill my lens with contact solution after all.

I had a bottle of rubbing alcohol on my dresser with a squirt top. I mistakenly filled my lens with alcohol and put it in my eye. I can’t even tell you how bad it burned. Oh my gosh, it burned so so so bad. This is going to sound dramatic but I instantly dropped to the floor and held my face. It took a few seconds to understand what had happened. I started yelling for my husband to help me. Let’s get this straight, he is not the best person for an emergency situation. He moved so stinking slow! I had to make my way to the bathroom with little vision and splash water in my eye while telling him to call poison control. I was so scared I had literally burned my eye out. At one point I think I even asked him to call my dad. I felt like someone needed to help me and hopefully, my dad knew the answer. haha

I went to an ophthalmologist the next day. I had a burn and abrasion to the white part of my eye. The good news is I didn’t burn my eye out but I did have two full days of pain, a horrific headache, and a really gross eye for about a week. I did a photoshoot the next day and tried to push through it. Bad idea, I got the worst headache ever probably due to eyestrain. My eye is all back to normal and I’m so glad I didn’t burn my eye out!  The joke in my house whenever someone wants to be sarcastic is – hey why don’t you go put alcohol in your eye. I’m surrounded by jerks haha.

So about the dress I’m wearing. Now that I’m exposing my shoulders (more about that here) I’m enjoying simple summer dresses. I’ve bought several that are awesome! I just throw them on and I instantly feel casual but still put together. I love the length, cut, and fabric of this dress and I got it from the most simple place – Old Navy. Yup, super cheap and super cute. Oh, and you can see my left eye is red and swollen in one of the photos above. I don’t mind because I like the dress and plus this is real life people. Sometimes you get alcohol in your eyes.

Suumer Casual Suumer Casual Suumer Casual


Photo Credit: Liz Paveza / Misfit 29 / @thismisfitliz



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