30 Jun 2017

Summer Loving

HM Shorts, Lush Tank, Kimono by Tobi HM Shorts, Lush Tank, Kimono by Tobi HM Shorts, Lush Tank, Kimono by Tobi

So you know I’ve been on this huge “I don’t want to be only surface deep” kick lately. Which isn’t really a kick, real is a lifestyle folks. All of that was meant to be sorta funny. Seriously though, I feel so much better emotionally for saying something so simple as – I’m going to be me on my blog. I don’t want to be superficial, share only the good, and I don’t want to be fake. I just want to be myself – Regina.

My last few posts have been fun to write and fun to post because I feel like a burden has been lifted. Blog world can be a real bummer sometimes. Keeping up with the cool bloggers is a real problem in blog world. Well, I’m perfectly satisfied over here in not cool land. Speaking of cool. the weather has been really cool lately. Oddly cool actually. I had to wear a cardigan to work. Weird things are afoot here in Indiana lately.

I’m sure the hot summer sun is coming anytime. Soon, it will be so hot I can’t breathe. So time to talk summer style. I love the look of summer fashion. Short, tanks, lightweight tees, and perfectly tanned skin. Let me clarify, I love the Pinterest version of Summer fashion. Maybe there is some place where everyone looks dreamy in Summer. Here in my world that is not the case. Dressing for summer is hard for me.

I don’t tan and my body shape can be difficult to dress off the rack. My hips are large in charge and I love them. Let’s get that out there for all the people who love to point out my shape as though being pear shaped is a problem. If you want to know how tall I am or how I’m shaped hop over to my FAQ page.

Love your Shape

Back to body shapes. Being pear shaped is not a problem anyone needs to cover up or fix. Of course, we can dress in a way that compliments our shape but you don’t need to fix how you’re shaped. I love my shape, I have a smaller top and a larger bottom. Even though I like my curves, I have to be honest and say that dressing my shape is a challenge at times.

I wear between an 8-10 in bottoms. My waist is more of a 8 and my hips are more of a 10. So what happens is the waist is big and the hips are perfect on most of my bottoms. Shorts are often an issue because the legs need to be wider to fit my thighs. Dresses will swallow me up top and fit perfectly across my hips. In summary, I have to work to dress for summer.

Shorts and Tees. Does it get any better?

My summer outfit of choice is cut-off shorts and tees or dresses and sneakers. When I find a pair of shorts that fit I grab two pairs because it’s a rare find people. One of my favorite ways to style shorts and short dresses is with a long cardi or a kimono. I like to work with lengths to balance my shape out. I’m obsessed with pairing dusters and kimonos with shorter pieces.

Add some boots in Fall and the look feels sexy (previous looks here and here). These shorts are from last summer and I plan to keep them until the fall apart. H&M has some awesome denim at times. It’s like a great piece pops up on a full moon or something. This mint tank from Lush has become one of my favorites tops. (ordered through Trunk Club and sadly it’s out of stock). Finally, this kimono from Tobi gives the final varying length I wanted. I love the play on lengths and fabrics. The satin kimono adds a soft delicate feel to the outfit. I added heels just to feel sexy but sandals would be just as great.

I hope everyone enjoys the holiday with family and friends!

Photo Credit: Liz Paveza / Misfit 29 / @thismisfitliz


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