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Swing Dresses and OTK Boots

Sweater Coat - OTK Bootsswing-dressLong_Hair_Care

I’m definitely a fan of swing dresses. I love swing dresses because they’re versatile from season to season. Also, swing dresses are flattering on women of all shapes. I’m a woman with a curvier lower body. Traditionally, I’m described as pear shaped and I’m a proud pear. Though I love my pear shape, I do like to wear dresses that balance out my shape. I like balancing my shape out mainly for fit reasons. It can be very difficult for me to find dresses that fit both my upper and lower body. Most of the time I have to alter dresses to fit my waist and hips. Swing dresses flow over my curves and still fit my smaller upper body.

I’m also a huge fan of OTK boots. I’ve been wearing them for years and every year I’m in search of a new pair with a new look. OTK boots can be styled in many ways. For me, I love to style them with dresses. Sometimes I’ll pair them with jeans but most of the time I’m wearing OTK boots and dresses. I’m tall (5’9) and it can be a bit difficult to find a pair of OTK boots with the correct height. I love these OTK boots because they fit snug, truly go over my knee, and I have zippers.

When I purchased this swing dress I knew I wanted to transition it into cooler weather with OTK boots and a sweater coat. I envisioned a 60’s mod vibe with a modern edge (recent 60’s mod inspired outfit). I kept each layer light and on the same color palette with the exception of the black boots. The long sweater coat kept me covered and warm while still allowing some leg and the OTK boot to show. I finished the look with minimal accessories allowing the OTK boots and sweater coat to uniquely and individually standout.

This look may be my favorite outfit of all time. I love the long layers and the tall boots together. Pairing the short dress and long sweater coat kept the look and layers long and not bulky. I felt very polished, pulled together, professional, and with a touch of sexy. I’ve worn this sweater coat multiple times and I love each way I’ve styled it. If you don’t own a sweater coat I suggest you get one. They’re versatile and can be worn with tons of looks. I’m linking my outfit details below. Enjoy!


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