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Slow Down Busy Lady

I am sick and tired of being busy. Let me just get that out there for you real quick. I am sick and sick and tired and tired of being busy. At first, I thought it was just Spring fever.…

Spring Fever

I can feel my Spring fever because all I’m thinking about is warm weather, business growth, and meeting my goals. I love Spring because I honestly feel so energized. Like I am so ready that I have my Spring and Summer shoes lined up in my closet. As soon as the first breeze of warm air hits my face I’m swapping my shoes out.

Spring Fever | Denim I Love

The Little Black Skirt

If you’ve followed my blog for a bit you know I’m a huge fan of wearing all black outfits and I love a great black dress (post here). I feel elegant and like a boss babe when I’m wearing all black. I can’t explain it and I’m not even going to try. Just take my word for it, put on an all-black outfit and let me know how you feel. A little black skirt is equally as great as an all-black outfit and a great fitting LDB.

The Little Black Skirt

Be Your Own Boss Babe

What are your thoughts on subscription clothing services? I have an up and down relationship with many of the services. Sometimes I’m really into them and sometimes not so much. I’ve posted about Le Tote before (post here). Overall, I really like this service.

Denim and White

I have a quick post for you because I’m currently consumed with updating my blog content. I’m almost finished and I’m excited about the updates. I’m working to clean up my design and simplify the layout. It’s crazy how quickly blogs can get cluttered. Similar to my kitchen counters. I think all bloggers go through seasons of change.

The Denim Mini you Need

Ok so about this outfit. I scored this denim mini from TopShop for $12 and I love it! I’ve been wearing denim mini skirts all summer and loving every minute of it. A denim mini skirt is such an easy way to be casual but still feel dressed up. I’m thinking about pairing this skirt with a white button down and loafers next. The options are endless!