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Slow Down Busy Lady

I am sick and tired of being busy. Let me just get that out there for you real quick. I am sick and sick and tired and tired of being busy. At first, I thought it was just Spring fever.…

The Best Black Denim

Let’s get something out real quick. I believe leggings are pants. There I said it *sigh of relief*.  I have no reason to be ashamed. I live in a town where everyone wears athletic gear all day every day. Imagine…

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The Ups and Downs of Blogging

Blogs, blogs. blogs. Everyone has a blog these days. I’m a full supporter of anyone who wants to start a blog. Blogging is an excellent way to express yourself, create, have fun, and learn something new. While blogging is fun…

Duster Favs

Spring Fever

I can feel my Spring fever because all I’m thinking about is warm weather, business growth, and meeting my goals. I love Spring because I honestly feel so energized. Like I am so ready that I have my Spring and Summer shoes lined up in my closet. As soon as the first breeze of warm air hits my face I’m swapping my shoes out.

Spring Fever | Denim I Love

The Best Tools to Help Grow your Blog

How do I grow my blog? and How do I make money blogging? These are the most asked questions I receive. There is no exact answer to these questions but I can give you some tips to get you on a good path of what will work for you personally. For this post, I’m going to give you a few tools I use to grow my blog authentically.

Creative Ups and Simple Style

I’m soaking up what feels like the end of summer. The temperature has been cool and I can feel Fall creeping in. I’m in love with it! I can’t wait until all I hear is pumpkin everything! Especially Pumpkin candles – ah my favorite smell of all time!