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Something to Believe in

I’ve talked about my faith on the blog a few times over the years. I’m not sure if I ever fully express it in the way I want to but each time I’ve given my all. Here we go again…

Faith | Hope | Love

The Leather Mini

You’ve seen this skirt before (post here) and guess what? I still love it. I never thought I would love a leather mini skirt. I just always felt like a leather mini skirt was a standout piece I didn’t need.…

Leather Minis

Get out of your own way

So the other day while mindlessly browsing Pinterest I came across this really nice quote. The quote was “get out of your own way”. This powerful little phrase hit me hard. My internal dialogue was all like – Girl, what if you got out of your own way?? I wonder how many times I’ve limited my own progress? I wonder how many times I’ve been negative to myself or simply just failed to encourage myself? It can be so easy and natural to have negative internal dialogue.

Leather Makes it Better

Snow Day

Each winter I say things like “I hate snow”, “why is it so freaking cold outside?”, and “the air hurts my face”. Of course, I know Winter is supposed to be cold but it makes me feel better to be…

Emerald is My New Obsession

Every Moment Has a Moon

Every Moment has a Moon. How beautiful is that? MoonGlow as a company is truly inspirational. I received this gorgeous necklace c/o of Moonglow and I could not be more in love with it.  It has gorgeous elements like the…