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The Benefits of Blogging

The Benefits of Blogging

What are the benefits of blogging? Is there a benefit to blogging? Definitely! What that benefit is will vary from blogger to blogger. For me, the benefit is personal. I can’t say I started blogging because I’m extremely passionate about fashion or style. I enjoy fashion and style, but the two topics aren’t my main motivators. I started blogging for two basic foundation reasons.

  1. I enjoy writing about various topics including fashion and style
  2. I want to push my personal comfort zones through expressing my life experiences

A love of Writing

I love writing in general, I’ve had a love of writing poetry for as long as I can remember. What I lack is patience. I typically begin writing and leave every word in a draft format. The goal is, maybe someday I’ll final draft it all. For me, blogging is a place where I can create, write, and see the end result. I enjoy writing about the people, products, and brands I’ve interacted with. I also enjoy writing about blog business topics I’ve gained knowledge in such as SEO and what it means to be an influencer ( related post here ).

Pushing Comfort Zones

I feel pretty accurate when I say, most of my friends and family and have no clue why I started a blog. After a year and half of blogging, most of those close to me probably don’t even know I have a blog! Fine with me! I’m a bit weird, to be honest. I don’t like direct attention being placed on me. Actually, I get a bit uncomfortable when those close to me mention my blog. I can’t explain it fully. Doesn’t that sound odd?? Especially since I started a blog that is meant for people to read.. super odd.

Even though I have odd blog embarrassment, I still create content because of my goal to push my comfort zones. I wanted to step outside of my embarrassment to create and do just that – simply create.  Sharing my life experiences, personal style, and some humor is fun for me. The Every Day Mix is a place where I create, share, express, and laugh along the way. For me, the benefit comes from self-expression and actually seeing an end result in something I created. The blog is my final draft.


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