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The Benefits of Body Brushing

Body brushing has been recommended to me multiple times but I didn’t listen. I didn’t think something as simple as dry brushing my skin would produce results. I was very wrong. I started body brushing a few months ago and the results have all been positive. Overall, my skin feels refreshed. I’ve seen an improvement in the smoothness, hydration, and firmness of my skin. I’ve also seen a reduced appearance of cellulite on my legs since beginning body brushing.

What is Body Brushing?

Trust me, this will be the easiest part of your skincare routine. Body brushing is a process of brushing your body while your skin is dry with an all natural bristle brush. The benefit is removing dead cells from your skin. Body brushing is an easy process. Dry brushing should be started from the bottom of the body working up in circular motions. I prefer to use smooth, light, upward movement motions starting at my feet. for me, circular motions are uncomfortable. Don’t press overly hard, the key is light pressured movements. Dry brushing should be done right before a shower so you can wash off the exfoliated dead skin. When I’m done I feel like my skin is alive and invigorated. If dry brushing every day is too rough for your skin try for once a week and work into a schedule that fits your skin type.

For me, the hardest past was choosing a brush. I chose a short handled brush similar to this one to start with. In the future, when my current brush needs to be replaced I’ll probably choose a brush similar to this one. I think a brush I can fit in my palm will give me more control over my legs and arms. Give it a try and let me know what you think! If you have any questions let me know!


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