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The Best Online Resale Sites

Online resale, ah I love the thrill of the hunt when it comes to resale! Back in my store owner days, many a beautiful vintage or lux item passed through my hands. Even after I ended the storefront location I continued my love of resale through online resale. I’m always browsing, buying, or selling items online. There are tons of sites to chose from when looking for lux, vintage, or maybe just your fav pair of jeans. I’m outlining some of my favorite sites to buy or sell from below. I’m not going into major detail, just the highlights.


I have a few reasons I love PoshMark. I love it because the format is simple to buy and sell. Basically, you list your items in your “Closet”. The process to sell is very easy. When you make a sale, PoshMark keeps 20%. Some people don’t like that but I have no issue with it. PoshMark now offers a boutique section for wholesale, I haven’t explored it a ton but I like the concept.  I do hesitate when searching for lux items because I spot fakes quite often. Also, the sellers usually post quite high on lux items when compared to other sites. You do have the option of submitting an offer and that is a nice feature.


Tradsey is another of my favorite sites to buy from. I  haven’t sold on Tradesy yet but I have purchased items. The items I’ve ordered have all arrived in great condition and are authentic There are a ton of women’s apparel items to search though and I’m always surprised by how many items I can find. As for pricing, some Tradsey items have the option of submitting an offer but not many that I’ve found.


Fashionphile is another site I love to browse for lux items. They have quite a nice collection of lux items including trending popular items. The prices are firm but they do have a clearance section through Ebay that sometimes has some nice pieces to chose from.

The RealReal

The RealReal is one of my absolute favorite resale sites to browse. For me, The RealReal is like endless amounts of treasure to browse through. My favorite part is the sales. I often save my favorite items or “obsessions” and then go back and check for sales later. Also, I can find almost any item I’m looking for there.




  1. April 30, 2017 / 1:10 pm

    Great article! As you know, I love the real real and fashionphile and I constantly text you about items I am purchasing. It can be addicting 🙂

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