11 Mar 2018

The Curated Life

Do you ever feel like everything you see online is curated? I do. I feel as though every single Instagram account, website, product, brand, etc is curated. Not just curated, overly curated. It is as though we are all living in a snow globe where everything is perfect. Simply picture perfect. There is no way everyone has a picture-perfect life. Right? Of course not.

By the way, I’m included in this thought process as well. Welcome to my so-called curated life. I definitely am guilty of posting with a curated intent. I’m either doing it intentionally or unintentionally. Posting in a curated way happens intentionally when I choose posts based on how I plan my blog content and social posts. Unintnetialnlly creating a curated look happens when I select content and posts based on what looks and feels visually pleasing to me. Either way, the end result is this curated online image. This is just so interesting to me because I feel like I’m sailing on a fake ocean. The water is beautiful, the people are beautiful, but it is all fake. I can’t jump in the ocean because the water is fake. Are you with me?

So how can I be more real? How can we all be more real? This is tough because there are tons of reasons it’s hard to be real online. let’s be honest here for a second. I don’t think there are many people who want to post images that feel unflattering. Also, real life just isn’t as fun to post about. Vacationing, having fun, friends, events, and fancy handbags, are way more fun to post about. No one probably wants to see my 3-day migraine face right?

For me, I’ve found I am bored by all the curated posts, sponsored content, and with inauthentic blogging in general. Sadly though, blogging requires a certain level of fake. Why? Because often you are representing products and brands and that requires a certain level of production. The production part feels fake. The goal for me is to only talk about products I really like. I try to use my real life voice and real-life thoughts. Production is just part of the process even if it feels fake.

The curated look has been driving me crazy lately. The only way I can fix that is to just post about real life as much as possible and not overly plan my content. Be real and be relatable is the best I can do (insert shrugs shoulder emoji).

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