The Curated Life


Do you ever feel like everything you see online is curated? I do. I feel as though every single Instagram account, website, product, brand, etc is curated. Not just curated, overly curated. It is as though we are all living in a snow globe where everything is perfect. Simply picture perfect. I’m included in this thought process as well. Everything I post and write about is curated. It happens both intentionally and unintentionally.

Blogging requires organization. While organizing content I am intentionally creating the visuals for my blog. On the other hand, I am unintentionally creating a curated look by posting content and photos I personally enjoy. I’m posting content I  enjoy – because this is my blog. I don’t think any of this is wrong or right.

There are tons of times a curated look is needed. For example, brands need to have a curated look for the most part. it is no secret that a curated look comes off more professional. Even though I know this, my mind can’t help but feel conflicted. My eyes are drawn to the curated look but quickly my interest fades. My eyes may enjoy the visuals but my heart needs more.

My heart needs depth and quality. My heart needs to see something real. Something that provokes an emotion. I want to laugh, belly laugh, cry, be left with something to consider, and maybe even want more. I find I’m drawn to bloggers who express real life, share their ups and down, and share some great style. I’ve even seen bloopers. How fun is that?

Things on my blog are changing. I want to express something different from what I’ve been posting. over the last several months I’ve started sharing more real-life content but I still put so much thought into being curated. How about this? Less curated. More real stuff?

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