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The Perfect Oversized Sweater and Jeans

booties_green_sweatergreen-sweater jeans_sweater_green

If there ever was a perfect sweater, it’s this sweater. Chunky, soft, a tad oversized, and longer in the back. Pinch me. I’m sure everyone has days where they just want to be comfy but still need to look decent. I’m having one of those days right here. I found this sweater at H&M after trying on tons of fluffy oversized sweaters. I was at my breaking point and my hair had so much static I got a little shock from everything I touched. Then love happened, and I found this green gem. So far I’ve paired this sweater with jeans and boots as well as leggings and sneakers.

The weather in my area has been oddly warm for early December. I’ve been dying to wear warm sweaters and jeans. Finally, it’s cold enough and I can’t wait to purchase a few more of these warm sweaters.

A few months ago I discovered these Levi’s Shaping Skinnies from Le ToteĀ  (check out my Le Tote review here). I then hunted them down at Macy’s in the color Star Struck. These jeans are amazing and they hug my pear shaped curves perfectly. These jeans are soft, have a great amount of stretch, but still hold their shape. I purchased these in a few colors but Star Struck is the only color and fit I liked.

It can be a struggle to find jeans that fit both my waist and hips. I usually have to accept a larger waist so the hip area will fit. These jeans feel as though they’re made for women with a curvier lower half. The waist was only slightly big but was an easy fix with alterations.

I’m linking my outfit details below. Enjoy!

Photo Credit: Liz Paveza / Misfit 29 / @thismisfitliz


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