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Thoughts about Body Shapes

Just some of my thoughts about body shapes

Dress for your shape. The one phrase I’m sick of hearing. Although I’m sick of hearing (and being told) to dress for my shape, there is truth to the advice. We each have a body shape as controversially as that may sound to some. We can style outfits in a way to create an illusion of leaner thighs, a larger bust, etc. etc. Just as makeup can play up features we love and balance out features we may not like, the same applies to clothing. So, there is truth in dressing for your shape but I don’t always take the advice. Why? It’s boring to always think about my shape when I’m buying clothes or styling an outfit.

Sometimes it’s fun to just wear what I want and not worry that my hips are enhanced or look bigger than they are. By the way, each body shape is beautiful. I don’t believe in an ideal shape. Hourglass right? that is the most coveted of all shapes so I’ve heard my whole life. I’m here to tell you I love my shape. I’m a proud pear. I’m smaller on top and larger on the bottom. My bust and hip ratio is in no way considered balanced out by body shape standards. Who cares! I love my small shoulders and wide hips!

I didn’t always feel this way. Over the summer, I posted about how I was finally exposing my shoulders and wearing sleeveless tops (here). Racy right? haha. Well for years I was kind of embarrassed that my arms are so small. I have very small upper arms, seriously. What a silly thing to be self-conscious about right? Yet, for years I avoided sleeveless dresses and tanks. I’m glad that nonsense is over. I love to dress how I feel. Some days I feel girly and others not so much. The fun of style and fashion is expressing yourself through clothing.

If I listened to all of the crazy fashion and style advice I’ve heard over the years who knows what I’d look like. What I love, is a great all black outfit. I played with color all summer long but man oh man – give me black jeans and a black top and I feel like a bad a**. For me, I’m dressing how I feel best and confident. I’m tucking my shirt into my fav pair of ripped up jeans and not caring for one second if my hips look larger then they are. I’m a pear baby and dang proud.

My best style advice is not dress for your shape. It’s dress how you feel best. Looking great is about how you feel in your personal style. It’s not about body shapes – it’s about what you feel confident in.

Just some of my thoughts about body shapes Just some of my thoughts about body shapes Just some of my thoughts about body shapes

Photo Credit: Liz Paveza / Misfit 29 / @thismisfitliz


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