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Weekly Mix: Blush & White

Weekly Mix: Blush & White

Last week I was all about blush and pink. Well this week, my style focus is still very Spring Forward. I’m eyeing tons of blush for my spring wardrobe, except this week I’ve mixed in some white and pale pinks. Even though the weather in my area has been very mild for winter time I can’t help but be ready to feel warm air and wear lighter colors and layers.

I’ve said it before (previous Springtime post) but there is something about Springtime that makes me feel alive, fresh, and ready for the day. For me, Springtime is a new beginning and a fresh take on the world.

For me, Spring feels like a delicate yet bold time of year. I can’t fully explain how I feel about Springtime, but I can explain how much I love the ruffle sleeves on this blouse. At first, I wasn’t really feeling all of the ruffle pieces I’ve spotted lately. I think the pale shade of pink is what won me over. I’m in love with each piece I selected this week. I selected only four pieces because this selection is a continuation of the pieces I selected last week. Each piece is linked below. Enjoy!


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