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What Does it Mean to Invest in your Wardrobe?

What Does it Mean to Invest in your Wardrobe? by The Every Day Mix / Burberry Scarf, Black Dress, and Black OTK BootsWinter Style by The Every Day Mix / Burberry Scarf, Black Drress, and Black OTK Boots Winter Style by The Every Day Mix / Burberry Scarf, Black Drress, and Black OTK Boots

What does it mean to invest in your wardrobe? I often hear high price-point items referred to as investment pieces. I get the reason why high price-point items are referred to as investment pieces though there isn’t always an equal return on value. When I purchase a luxury, designer, or high-end piece I expect to use it for multiple looks on repeat. (previous look here). These pieces are a long-term investment into my wardrobe and personal style. I like to have a mix of practical low price-point and high price-point items I can rotate through multiple looks.

The investment is made through the lifespan and multiple looks created with the piece. I typically only purchase high price-point items that are classic pieces I can easily resell and reuse in my daily looks. Think of it like this, I can purchase a few low quality bags, shoes, scarves, etc and use them for a season or two. Let’s assume these items hold up and I no longer want them. I can donate or pass them on to a friend but they typically won’t hold much if any resell value. Most of the time high price-point items can be resold for a comparable price. When I no longer need or want a high price-point item, I sell it and either save, or purchase a new piece. The resell value and ability to create multiple looks is an investment into my personal style and wardrobe.

Adding Classic Touches to Solid Color Outfits

Most of the high price-point items I own have a classic vibe to them. Having a classic piece on hand is a great way to spice up neutral and solid color looks. I use this Burberry scarf all the time to add color and a classic vibe to my neutral and solid color outfits. For this look, I paired a Burberry scarf with a black dress, OTK boots, and a sweater coat. I’ve been in love with this sweater coat since I bought it and I’ve styled it in several ways. My favorite look has been with OTK boots and dresses but it looks equally as great with jeans and heels. (previous look here)

Photo Credit: Liz Paveza / Misfit 29 / @thismisfitliz


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